Taking MOOCs in High School

A recent article on MOOCs appeared on May 12th in US News and World Report on the use of MOOCs in preparing for college and extending students' activity lists to show curiosity about subjects often not offered in high school. (http://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/articles/2016-05-12/3-reasons-to-try-out-moocs-before-applying-to-college). Note, I was interviewed for the article and am referenced. 

MOOCs might warrant investigation as a student tries to determine a range of subjects to major in, or to just explore areas such as basic programming or history. The Special Reports section contains several articles on MOOCs that might be of interest. (http://www.ivycollegeprep.net/articles/2014/8/22/the-transformation-of-a-college-education.html?rq=MOOC)