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We motivate and inspire students to identify and achieve their greatest potential by                  1) conducting interest and personality tests to better understand our students and research possible majors and fields of study 2) nurturing these intrinsic interests through college classes or work experiences 3) developing key skills needed to succeed along the college path, and 4) preparing, planning and guiding the execution of a college admissions strategy.


Personalized College Plans and Curriculum

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Director and College Counselor

Ralph Becker, the counselor, has over 14 years experience coaching students on applications and guiding them in selecting and designing their optimal college path.

College plans are tailored to the individual needs of students.

Mr. Becker has helped students on anchor essays, SAT prompts, thesis papers, and submitting to the Concord ReviewOver the years ICP has created a copyrighted vocabulary program, along with scores of essay prompts to provide the most effective tools for success for our students.

Nurturing Potential

As many students involved in the admission process are aware, or soon learn, there is more to getting accepted into the very selective colleges than high grades and test scores. Students really need to passionately pursue activities that show their individuality; they also need to attain recommendations and write essays that make them come alive to the admissions office. 

Ivy College Prep, LLC offers a full range of services, from tutoring and test preparation to college counseling and planning, to ensure you come off the page, to the admissions office, as a qualified, fully capable, three-dimensional, desirable applicant